Вимова прикметників с закінченням ED

Pronunciation of some adjectives ending in -ed

The thing is that some adjectives ending in -ed have a special pronunciation and the -ed is not pronounced  /d/ or /t/  but  /id/. Let’s have a look at them:

To make matters worse, aged is pronounced | eɪdʒd | when it means years old (my grandmother, aged 93, is a very smart person) or when it is a verb but, when it is an adjective it is pronounced | eɪdʒid |

♥ All the young men went to fight in the war; and only the aged | eɪdʒid | and infirm remained behind.

Other adjectives ending in -ed   follow the rule for the pronunciation of the -ed ending, i.e., pronounced /id/ only after /d/ or /t/.